Heat Pumps

Industry Leading Heat Pump Warranty:

  • Financing also available at just $39/month or dual system for $75/mo taxes in!


When you improve your home’s heating and cooling systems, you make yourself more comfortable, add value to your home and lower your energy consumption all at the same time.

If you choose to finance your heat pump, you may even be able to cover the cost of your financing by the amount of energy savings you get from your new pump and essentially get one for free!

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When it comes to improving your heating or cooling systems, we offer several different brands with hundreds of different variations of designs that offer the best overall value for your investment. We’ve been installing heat pumps since 2007 and have kept track of every service call that comes through our office, which has lead us to the brands and designs that we now carry. Our licensed and authorized Home Energy professionals are able to analyze your needs and offer a design that will be customized for your home. We guarantee our designs and our products.


Is your current heating and cooling system more high-maintenance than high-efficiency? You may be in need of an update if it’s requiring frequent repair, is leaving areas of your home too cool or warm, runs excessively or is resulting in unusually high utility bills. When you replace old, inefficient equipment with new energy-efficient models, the result is lower energy bills, better air quality, air circulation and humidity control.


Ecohome/Ecoheat offers a range of Installation Services to increase the energy-efficiency and comfort level of your home. We can help with the Repair and Maintenance of your Heating/Cooling Systems, and with Exterior Door and Window Installation Services. Other energy saving home-improvement options include Solar Photovoltaic Systems and Solar Water Heating or Solar Pool Heating Systems.

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We bought our Daikin system about 11 months ago, and in that time we have seen one of the coldest months of the 23 years in our home– we are now in a record heat spell. The Daikin system has been up to the job hot or cold! The Echoheat installers were pleasant and efficient and did a great job with the install.—-good work! The system works better than we could have imagined. One word describes how we feel WOW!! So glad we chose Echoheat and Daikin for our home. If you have heating or cooling needs, do yourself a favor and give Echoheat a chance to make your day! Thanks Echoheat! – Stan