Solar Panels

Ecoheat is an approved NB Power partner with solar power systems.

NB Power Net Metering Information

Solar Panels (that generate electricity):

Solar Panels Generating Electricity - Rothesay, Quispamsis, Saint John

NB Power and Ecohome now offer the NET Metering program in N.B.! The Future has finally made it’s way to our province.

There’s no need to have batteries anymore as the power that’s generated makes your meter run backwards and you are now credited the amount of power you generate. Don’t believe us? Come see our show room that runs on Solar Panels located at 103 Hampton Road in Rothesay.

There’s never been a better time to get started on doing the right thing for our environment, your wallet and our future.

Solar Thermal Panels (that generate hot water):

Solar Panels -Hot Water Quispamsis, Rothesay, Saint Johnn

Ecohome has teamed up with a local N.B. manufacture to offer a line of Solar Thermal systems that can heat your domestic water (water you shower with), as well as hot water boilers and or even pools!

The sun gives us heat and energy for free, so systems like this are a quick pay back and smart investment. The brochure for this product can be found HERE, or just call us and ask! (506) 847-4328

Solar Panels and NB Power

Why invest in a grid-tie system? nb-power-solar-chart

Solar users like using their own energy first, and knowing its source is clean, renewable energy production. Solar power generation fixes the energy costs, avoiding utility rate increases and adds value to your home. All the while, reducing the money you spend on power.

What happens in winter?

Solar energy does vary throughout the year. In N.B., we tend to get some very big snow storms so clearing the snow from the panels is important. This is easily done by flicking a switch that powers up a heater on the back of the panels that melts any snow build up that may be blocking the sun.

Why are solar panels a good investment?

Solar electric panels feature a 25 year output warranty and will likely last for 30 years or more. This means the Ecohome Solar system you install today will produce free and reliable electricity for decades to come. As an investment in your home, your system will enhance its value while delivering clean, quiet energy for you to use. Now that’s a smart investment!

Explain Grid-Tie to me. What can I expect?

Grid-tie solar systems are used for homes and businesses in N.B. A solar system mounted on the roof can produce some or most of the electricity consumed in the home. Most Canadian houses use between 5,000 kWh (very efficient) and 13,000 kWh (not very efficient) per year.

How does a Grid-Tie System work?

solar-panels-and-nb-power-houseSee the cross section of a house with solar grid-tie system. There are two basic components:

Solar array: One to ten kilowatts of solar panels, typically mounted on unused south facing roof space.

Inverter: Converts solar energy (DC) to match utility power.

What happens during a power failure?

Grid-tie systems safely disconnect in the event of a power failure. We offer the option of a Secure Source battery backup that would run some selected loads like pumps or lighting in the event of a blackout.

We had a great experience with Ecoheat. The work was done with integrity and customer service was excellent. We would definitely recommend them to others. – Valued Client

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